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Käsekrainer-style & Leberkäse 1.65KG Freezer Pack - Cheese Sausages & Meatloaf

750g of Beechwood smoked sausages filled with creamy Emmental cheese & 900g of mouthwatering spiced meatloaf. Made in the traditional way!
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Frozen shipping

This item is shipped using insulated packaging, ice packs and next day delivery. To make this cost-effective for you, we have put together this delicious freezer pack. The price includes delivery. Additional items will be charged at our standard "by weight" delivery charge.

What is in the package?

  • Käsekrainer-style for the hungry hearted! Our favourite at village festivals to carry around and eat with plenty of mustard! Delicious! Each sausage weighs approximately 150g and are 25cm tall (yes they are that big!). Delivered frozen and has a very long expiry date. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and eat within 3 days. You get 5x sausages weighing a total of 750g! Please note that the labelling describes them as Käsebockwurst. This is because they are made in Germany.
  • Leberkäse is a tradition when we are in Austria. Often made fresh in the supermarkets, we ask for it to be wrapped in a Semmel (bread roll) with gherkin and plenty of mustard! The Leberkäse are ready sliced (approx 150g per slice). It is delivered frozen and has a very long expiry date. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and eat within 3-5 days. You get 6x large slices weighing a total of 900g!

Handling and cooking

The sausages can be steamed, fried, baked, griddled or grilled. Cooking time is approximately 5 minutes from chilled or 10 minutes from frozen. Make sure it is piping hot throughout - the cheese will be oozing and lovely!

This meatloaf is safe to eat cold as it is fully precooked. We recommend that you heat thoroughly in an oven or frying pan. It goes really well with a fried egg, slide of fresh bread and pickles!

Shelf-life and safety

The best before date will be clearly written on the product. The products can be stored in the freezer until the date of expiry. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days (sausages) or 5 days (meatloaf).

Ingredients, Nutrition, Allergens & Origin

Käsekrainer-style Sausages:

100% filler and gluten FREE
Ingredients: Pork (73.6%), drinking water, EMMENTALER CHEESE (MILK) (12%), nitrite pickling salt (table salt,
preservative: sodium nitrite), sugar, dextrose, spices, spice extracts, stabilisers: diphosphates, antioxidants:
ascorbic acid, rosemary extract; natural pork casing, smoke.

Allergens: MILK + despite very carefully structured production processes, the producer cannot exclude the presence of traces of allergens, due to the use of spices.

Origin: Josef Albus Fleisch + Wurst GmbH + Co. KG in Germany

Per 100g
Energy (kJ)1173
Energy (Kcal)283
of which saturates9.9g
of which sugars0.3g

Leberkäse Meatloaf:

Ingredients: Pork & Beef (83%), Fat, Water, Salt, Spices, Spice Extracts, Dextrose, Flavours, Seasoning,
Stabilizer: Diphosphates, Antioxidants Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate, Emulsifier: Mono And Diglycerides Of
Edible Fatty Acids, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite.

100% allergen free

Origin: Metzgerei Frick GmbH in Germany

Per 100g
Energy (kJ)1141
Energy (Kcal)277
of which saturates12.3g
of which sugars0.9g

Shipping and Packaging

This item is shipped frozen and vacuum packed, which ensures maximum freshness and hygiene. Your item will arrive in insulated packaging so they should be frozen on arrival. All frozen items are shipped with next day delivery. Naturally, we rely on our courier to provide a next day service. Please ensure someone is home on the day - your item may be placed in a 'safe place' if no-one is there. Please check the packaging before accepting the goods, if there is damage then we advise you ask for this to be confirmed in writing by the courier delivery person. If you are not there to sign for the goods, we cannot take responsibility for spolit goods.

Although unlikely, if the products have already been thawed, they can be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 days as long as a product temperature of 7°C has not been exceeded. Do not re-freeze thawed products. If the temperature is above 7°C please contact us.