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Pelzmann Steirischer Apfelessig: Styrian Apple Cider Vinegar 250ml

Styrian apple vinegar in that cutting sweet Austrian way. Natural vinegar all the way!
SKU: 2016
£6.99 incl tax

Standard cider vinegar is made from apple juice concentrate. Pelzmann’s cider vinegar is manufactured from natural, unprocessed juice extracted from apples which are pressed on site.

The cider vinegar resulting from this natural juice is carefully stored and bottled in unfiltered (cloudy) form. This preserves all natural substances and flavours. The acidity of the vinegar varies depending on the natural sugar content of the apples.

The acidity of the vinegar varies depending on its natural sugar content. Its delicate tartish to fruity flavour adds a subtle touch to salads and dressings, cold meats and sausage recipes.

Average nutrient content per 100ml

Calories: 90KJ / 21kcal

Fat 0g

of which saturated 0g

Carbohydrates <0.5g

of which sugar <0.5g

Protein 0g

Salt 0g