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Austrian Confectionery

Manner Schnitten Neapolitan Wafers - Lemon/Zitrone

From £1.49 incl tax

A wonderfully fruity blend of lemon and wafer.

Manner Schnitten Neapolitan Wafers - Original Schnitten

From £1.49 incl tax

Five layers of tender wafers filled with four layers of delicate hazelnut cocoa cream, containing 12% hazelnuts in the cream.

Casali Schoko-Bananen 24 Stück - Chocolate Banana - 24 pieces (300g)

£4.49 incl tax

Fruity banana filing covered in delightful chocolate. Original Casali!

Milka Haselnuss (Broken Hazelnut) 100g chocolate bars (1 bar)

£2.29 incl tax

Chocolate made from 100% alpine milk with fine hazelnut pieces.

Milka I Love Milka Pralines Haselnusscreme 44g chocolates (1 box)

£2.99 incl tax

The heart-shaped I love Milka pralines made of gently melting Milka Alpine milk chocolate, filled with delicious hazelnut cream, are ideal for giving away or for enjoying yourself.

Milka Zartherb (Extra Cocoa) 100g chocolate bars (1 bar)

£2.29 incl tax

Dark chocolate delight made from 100% Alpine milk.

Manner Milchcreme Lämmchen - milk chocolate lambs 75g

£3.49 incl tax

Cute Manner milk cream lambs with delicate milk chocolate and a creamy milk cream filling. 5 lambs for sweet treats at Easter.

Milka Hasenbande - milk chocolate bunnies 75g

£4.49 incl tax

5 individually wrapped hollow Easter bunny figures made from alpine milk chocolate.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln in Zartbitterschokolade - Mozart Balls in Dark Chocolate 100g

£5.99 incl tax

Fine Viennese Mozart balls made of marzipan with real pistachio and hazelnut nougat cream, coated in the finest dark chocolate.