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Who is Zuckermaus Bakery?

'Zuckermaus' is an Austrian bakery founded by Barbara Leadbetter which operates locally in the Hertfordshire area. Barbara is a passionate Viennese baker that moved to the UK and uses her expertise to bring joy to those who have tried her gorgeous cakes and aromatic breads. Once we met Barbara and tasted her delicious breads we knew we had work with her! 

Barbara is a regular at Hitchin and Harpenden markets and has created authentic bread in the heart of Hertfordshire true to her Austrian roots ♥️

She provides our lovely customers with a gorgeous selection of Austrian goodies, baked fresh on the morning of dispatch arriving the very next day on your doorstep! The breads are perfect for devouring straight away, or divided up with some being placed in the freezer for later. 

Her goodies include: 

  • A rye sourdough loaf typically known as 'Bauernbrot'
  • An Austrian fruit loaf made with real Stroh rum known as 'Kletzenbrot'
  • Three Salzstangerl bread rolls - soft white rolls topped with salt crystals
  • A delicious rye sunflower bread - a Zuckermaus speciality!

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