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Mautner Markhof-Gasse 39-41 1110 Vienna, Austria

Country of origin: Austria

Austrian Senf und Kren Condiment Gift Bundle - Mustard and Horseradish

£10.49 incl tax

All the classics in one! Estragon, Kremser, Biersenf & Kren

Mautner Markhof Hüttensenf - kren / horseradish mustard

£2.99 incl tax

Austrians love mustard. Austrians love horseradish. Why not combine the two?

Mautner Markhof Kremser Senf - Apple-Sweetened Mustard (200g)

£2.49 incl tax

The one and only Mautner Markhof. Using the classic recipe from Lower Austria, Kremser Senf goes wonderfully well with all type of sausages.

Mautner Markhof Original Estragon Senf - tarragon mustard (200g)

£2.49 incl tax

Austria's favourite mustard in its original form. You won't find an Austrian that doesn't know it!

Steirische Kren - traditional Austrian horseradish by Mautner Markhof

£3.99 incl tax

Made from real Styrian horseradish to spice up your meat dishes and sandwiches